elastika™ Face masks for businesses and professionals

Protect your employees with top-quality elastic-cloth face masks and get back to business safely and responsibly! 

Are you a small business or a big corporation getting ready to re-open after months of doing home office?

In the United States, with new guidelines from all levels of US government federal, state, and local levels including CDC mandate the use of cloth face mask in public and indoor settings for contributing to stop of micro viruses to control the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As a member of our society, companies must follow all necessary measures to protect their employees and their families from hygiene to social distancing, including face masks in the workplace.

elastika™ offers customized, non-medical, elastic-cloth face masks for you and your employees. You can add your company’s logo, your slogan or a symbol which best represents you.

Do your part and together we can beat the enemy and protect our families!

elastic-cloth face masks

elastika™ face masks are made out of 100% organic cotton in the United States, with bacteria filtration efficacy and washable durability. Our face masks offer you and your employees:

  • *SILVADUR™ technology

  • Multi-layers with filter pocket for added protection

  • Elastic Fit for high comfort and long durability

  • Droplet resistant coating

  • 5% cotton-spandex blend on ear loops

elastika™ Face masks for businesses and professionals samples